Daily Topic for December 09, 2017

Psalms 5:8, NLT
Lead me in the right path, O Lord, or my enemies will conquer me. Make your way plain for me to follow.

Pray that the Lord will lead both of these people groups to the cross before they allow Satan to conquer them.

Misrata Arabs

by CL

(This account is intended to explain the beliefs of this people group.)
The young man was walking along the road, thinking about how long it would take him to get home when a car rolled to a stop beside him. The window came down and a man asked him, “Do you need a ride? The young man asked, “Are you going to Misrata?” The face of the man in the car suddenly contorted as if this was a dirty word. He paused to spit on the ground. “Misrata and its people disgust me. I am from Tawergha.” The young man puffed out his chest a little. “I am from Misrata.” The man in the car growled, “You should be careful. You might have an accident.” They glared at each other for a moment before the car sped off, leaving the young man to clamp his eyes shut against a cloud of dust.
Misrata is a city in northwestern Libya. It was one of the strongest areas of resistance when the Libyans overthrew Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. It also refers to the Arab people who live there. The Misrata have a longstanding hostility toward the Tawergha Berbers of the region. Both sides hate one another.
Like many other people in the Middle East and North Africa, the Misrata have also been resistant to the gospel message. They are Sunni Muslim.

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Pray for the people of Misrata to be open to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Pray for the Lord to establish his church among them.

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