Daily Topic for August 11, 2017

1 Chron 22:9, NET
Look, you will have a son, who will be a peaceful man. I will give him rest from all his enemies on every side. Indeed, Solomon will be his name; I will give Israel peace and quiet during his reign.

Pray for God to raise up leaders of peace and wisdom for India and Pakistan.

Mirasi People

by BK

A diverse people and a caste unto themselves, the Mirasis of northern India are comprised of Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims alike. Also called the Pakhwaji, they are a people known for singing and playing the timbrel, a tambourine-like instrument. In addition to being so diverse, the Mirasi live in a variety of locations including Kashmir.
In northern India the Mirasi entertain at fairs. In Uttar Pradesh many work as laborers. In Bihar and Rajasthan many are farmers who also sing songs at weddings. In Haryana most are laborers, and they also suffer exclusion due to their low status. In Delhi the Mirasis are hired by small businesses as musicians. In Punjab, they are genealogists. Those Mirasi in Pakistan are entertainers or farmers, but educated Mirasis can be found even in the government and the military. The one thing that ties these people together are their lineage; they are from families that have dedicated themselves through the generations to music, theater, and entertainment.
There are no known followers of Christ among the Mirasi peoples, be they from a Sikh, Hindu or Muslim background. This is especially true in Kashmir where the number of believers is very small.

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Pray that the Mirasi people of India would receive justice and mercy. Pray that dreams and visions would come to the Mirasi, leading them to Christ. Pray for a Holy Spirit revival that will affect the hearts of Mirasi people from Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim backgrounds.

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