Daily Topic for December 12, 2016

2 Timothy 4:16, NKJV
At my first defense no one stood with me, but all forsook me. May it not be charged against them.

Pray for many to stand alongside those who take the gospel to the Muslim peoples. Pray that 2017 will be the year when two people will join Gwen’s work in Central Asia.

Ministry From Unreached Peoples

by KC

Last month and earlier this month you saw how the unreached Persians of Iran have been forming house churches. Thanks to their efforts, the gospel is spreading in Iran. Members of unreached people groups have found Jesus and can be used in a mighty way to serve the Lord.
There is a woman from another unreached Central Asian people group that is being used by God in her part of the world. I will use the pseudonym Gwen. Here is what she has to say:
“The last two years … I worked with Afghan refugees in a Central Asian country. One and a half years ago there emerged an underground Afghan fellowship starting in an amazing way by God. I have testimonies of two brothers who came to the Lord and you will be amazed! The International church in that country has also been involved in this by helping to buy some food and praying for the refugees.”
Pioneer workers often pay a heavy price for taking the gospel to the final unreached people groups. Gwen has no team of people to come alongside her in this important work. Today let us come alongside her in prayer.

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Pray for the Lord to be a sanctuary for Gwen as she labors for His kingdom. Pray for good health and a team of people to work with her for whatever time it takes to ensure there is a lasting disciple-making movement in this area.

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