Daily Topic for October 12, 2017

Psalms 150:4-5, NET
Praise him with the tambourine and with dancing! Praise him with stringed instruments and the flute! Praise him with loud cymbals! Praise him with clanging cymbals!

Pray that the Matang people will soon use their musical abilities to praise the Lord throughout northern India.

Matang People

by KC

They enjoy loud music and wear tattoos, but they are not part of some rebellious Western subculture. They are the Matang people of central India.
The Matang people sometimes earn their living by playing music, and they love performing dramas. Their women are especially involved with the dramatic arts. Their women usually must work since this people group is so poor. The more fortunate among them earn their living by pulling rickshaws or by construction work.
In the Hindu pecking order those who must work with the dead or with anything having to do with bodily functions are almost always at the bottom. Matang caste members often work as cattle castrators, leather curers, midwives, hangmen, or undertakers. Until the early 1950s they were noted for being thieves.
We know that God loves all people, even those who are despised by others. How do you think God would have us pray for the Matang caste today?

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Pray for these despised people to find their place in the body of Christ. Pray that they will rise above the low level that Hindu society has given them, and begin to serve God and man in a loving, faithful manner. Pray that thousands of the Matang people will become disciples of Christ in the coming years.

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