Daily Topic for October 27, 2017

Psalms 65:3 NKJV
Iniquities prevail against me; as for our transgressions, you will provide atonement for them.

Pray that the Mappila Muslims will soon look to Christ for atonement, and no one else.

Mappila Muslims

by BK

The Indian state of Kerala has been home to the Mappila people for more than a millennium. Ringing in at over a quarter of Kerala’s population, the Mappila Muslims comprise one of the largest Islamic groups in the southwestern state, having been influenced mightily by contact with Islamic-Arab traders as far back as the 17th century. It is thought that Mappila means “son-in-law,” because of the Muslim visitors that would often marry local women and become sons-in-law.
Tradition maintains that the first Indian mosque was built by the last ruler of the Chera dynasty in the year 621 AD. This was still within the lifetime of Mohammad, though there is no corroborating evidence. In modern times, the Islamic Mappila all belong to the Sunni branch of Islam.
The Mappila are a prosperous people with a clear identity and a significant social presence. Though there are Christian resources available to the Mappilas including the Bible and the JESUS Video, there is little interest expressed in them by these Muslims.

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Pray that the Mappila Muslims will encounter the Lord in dreams and visions, and that witnesses would go forth and boldly proclaim the gospel. Pray for signs and wonders to manifest themselves among the Mappila, and that they would catch hold of the father’s heart. Pray for a spiritual awakening and harvest unlike anything India has seen before.

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