Daily Topic for September 19, 2017

Luke 7:50: NKJV
Then he said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”

Pray for God to raise up many women like the one we read about today to put their faith in the God of the Bible.

Mahesri Banias

by PE

(This story illustrates what we would like to have happen for this community.)
Sindi leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. As she walked home from work in her family’s market stall, she stopped at this house often to rest and sit beside the open window. Her excuse was that she was heavy with child and needed a rest. But today, since her newborn was with her mother, she hoped no one would question her stopping place.
She listened to the beautiful words that played inside the house. A gospel recording taught about the sacrifice of the lamb of God, and it caught her attention. As a member of the Lingayat sect, her husband frequently took a sheep or a fowl to the temple as a sacrifice. She wondered what it could mean that a man named Jesus was called the Lamb of God.
Thirty million Bania are in India, and the Mahesri community is among them. The name Bania has its roots in a word for “trader,” since they are an important trading people. Lingayat and Hindu adherents believe in many gods, and in some households as many as 50 icons of different gods must be brought out, bathed, and covered with flowers. The chief object of their worship is the blue god Shiva. They are a well-educated and prosperous people.

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Pray that the Mahesri Bania community will learn of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and turn to Him for their salvation.

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