Daily Topic for January 02, 2017

Daniel 12:2-3, NET
Many of those who sleep in the dusty ground will awake--some to everlasting life, and others to shame and everlasting abhorrence. But the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavenly expanse. And those bringing many to righteousness will be like the stars forever and ever.

Pray that African workers will take the God who will make this happen to the nations. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give the gift of faith to those who do not yet know.

Lambert’s Testimony, Continued

Kwizera Lambert continues his testimony: “I wanted to go out, but I stayed to keep listening to the Word of God. It happened to me three times, and I was sensing a finger pointing at me. I felt a responsibility to evangelize with full commitment. This was a conviction that I have to evangelize students from Campus Pour Christ.”
“After graduation, I attended the Kairos Course (a shortened version of the Perspectives class) and this course sharpened me in a strange way. During the last day, I came to see and fully understood that God is passionate about bringing all nations to Him to bring the glory to His name. The vision of God has captured me. The moment I saw that God is willing to be glorified by all nations, my heart jumped in me and I shed many tears. I am convicted that I have to be part of the global plan of God`s redemption for His purpose. I have a heart of loving Muslims and I like to pray for them.”

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Pray that God will send Lambert to serve Him among Muslims. Pray that God will give him opportunities to serve Him in unreached peoples whether in French or English speaking communities outside Rwanda. Pray that when Kwizera is given opportunities to preach and teach the word, that God will use him to turn many to righteousness and that people will see the urgency to glorify God.

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