Daily Topic for October 20, 2017

Psalms 150:6, NET
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Pray that the Kunbi people will soon boldly write worship songs to the Lord that will rival the ones once written by King David.

Kunbi People

by CL

(This fictional account is intended to explain the beliefs of the Kunbi people.)
The Kunbi woman was stringing mango leaves over the door to prepare for the Ugadi Festival when her son came running up to her. He blurted out, “Mother, I have composed a song!” She paused from her work, eyeing him skeptically. “What sort of song?” “Listen,” he told her, smiling. He then began to sing what sounded like a traditional Hindu song. His mother’s expression shifted from mild amusement to horror as she realized that the lyrics contained the name Jesus. “Stop!” she demanded. “What are you singing?” “It’s a bhajan.” “It is no such thing! You will stop singing it immediately!” She shooed him away with a stern look and returned to her work.
The Kunbi have long participated in traditional Hindu festivals, often composing bhajans and kirtans (special songs, often used to worship the gods) for these special occasions. These songs can describe or address any deity as long as that deity fits into the Hindu system of religion.
The Bible and the JESUS Film are available in their language. Yet few if any Kunbi have responded to God’s invitation to salvation.

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Pray for the hearts of the Kunbi people to be soft and ready to receive the gospel message. Ask God to move powerfully, establishing his kingdom among them. Pray for many Kunbi people to put their faith in Christ, and for them to soon write worship songs for the Lord.

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