Daily Topic for March 22, 2010

John 20:21a
Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you!”

Imagine being given a torturous death on a cross! Imagine bearing the sins of the entire world! We can’t imagine what Jesus went through to pay for it all. But He did it, and he maintained peace through it all. While He was on earth Jesus showed others how to have peace in the midst of the worst circumstances. With the promise of His peace and His presence, the Kubachai people would have nothing to fear. However, they do not yet know what Jesus did to give them abundant life and peace.

Pray that soon the knowledge of Christ’s peace and atoning sacrifice will spread to every Kubachai village.

Kubachai People

by TP

The Kubachais are a Muslim people who live in Dagestan and are noted for their skills in crafting metal ware and knitted goods. Theirs is not an idyllic life, however, due to political unrest in the region. The Kubachais live in an area with many problems. Ethnic strife abounds, as does social dislocation since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The old ways are dying and new ways of life are still being born.

Tensions between Russia and Georgia over Ossetia increase the insecurity for people like the Kubachais.

They live in a region in need of peace and stability, yet their situation is not hopeless. The gospel can make a positive difference in their lives. Through it, they and their culture can be born again to new life in Jesus. Yet the only “Christians” that they know are the Russians, who use brute force to get their way. The Kubachai people do not want, nor do they need religious systems. At this point, they have never experienced a relationship with their loving Savior.

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Pray that the failure of Islam and other religious systems to bring peace will not go unnoticed by the Kubachais. Pray for missionaries to demonstrate through love and deeds the difference between organized religion and a relationship with Christ. Pray for a relaxation of tensions between Russia and Georgia.

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