Daily Topic for March 26, 2010

Luke 6:39
Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?

The Kryz people are used to spiritually blind leaders. Without the humanly impossible kind of obedience that comes only from the Holy Spirit, teachers and disciples will both fall into a pit. Leaders taught the Kryz people new “laws” that did nothing for them but make them tools of the Soviet state. There was no spiritual transformation in their communities. Today, they are in danger of falling into the trap set by Islamic teachers who have an ungodly agenda for them.

Pray for spiritually astute believers to go to the Kryz people and turn them from spiritual blindness. Pray that the Kryz people will understand that they need the power of the Holy Spirit to have true spiritual transformation that will lead to eternal salvation.

Kryz People

by AK

Customs and old ways that have endured for centuries ended for the Kryz people in the 1950s and 1960s. Most of these people only remember the new, modern ways. Though the Kryz people are few and they live in mountainous terrain 6,560 feet above sea level, the Soviet government replaced those in authority with their own officials. Village elders lost power to Soviet Communist leaders.
The people, especially the children, underwent indoctrination through “education.” They were no longer isolated from cultural change. Their work and leisure activities altered. The mass media introduced a new way of thinking and acting. Alcohol abuse increased.

Some old ways remain after the fall of Communism. The marriage ceremony has changed, but they still intermarry only within their own people group. Thus, kinship remains an important part of their society.

Although they live in the least accessible areas of the North Caucasus, enduring bitter cold winters and cool summers, our prayers can cross these boundaries and warm their hearts.

Kryz beliefs embody a mixture of Islam and pagan traditions. Why hasn’t Christ moved into Kryz hearts? Could a lack of prayer play a part? We can remedy that today along with 73,000 GPD intercessors!

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Pray that the Kryz people will learn how they can become the bride of Christ and experience kinship with Father God. Plead with the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to the Kryz people. Ask God to draw them into warm fellowship with Christ’s followers.

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