Daily Topic for March 07, 2017

Isaiah 61:4, NASB
Then they will rebuild the ancient ruins, they will raise up the former devastations, and they will repair the ruined cities--, the desolations of many generations.”

Pray for the Khvarshin people to seek the God who provides grace and restoration to those whose lives are in need of repair.

Khvarshin People

“Then they will rebuild the ancient ruins; they will raise up the former devastations, and they will repair the ruined cities—the desolations of many generations.” Isaiah 61
Look at pictures of Khvarshin villages high in the southwest mountains of Dagestan, and these words of hope out of Isaiah 61 speak volumes. From 1944-1957 the ancestors of the Khvarshin were forced out of their mountain homeland region and resettled by the Soviets into lowland Chechnya. Only in the late 1950s were they allowed to return to Dagestan. In years following, some returned to their abandoned mountain villages. In current pictures of Khvarshi mountain villages, you can see rebuilt, repaired houses standing alongside still-visible ancient ruins.
The approximately 4,000 Khvarshin people of Dagestan speak their own distinct Khvarshi language, and they are located in eight mountain villages and in several lowland settlements in northern Dagestan. For centuries they have followed Sunni Islam mixed with superstitious folk practices. Life is hard for the Khvarshi. They need hope. In Jesus, God is not distant. To date there are no known Khvarshi who have come to the refreshing grace of Jesus.

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Pray that true believers representing God’s grace will come to the Khvarshi, honoring their unique language and culture. Pray that through their friendship grace will flow; and times of refreshing will come spiritually, emotionally, and economically to the Khvarshin people—per the promise of Isaiah 61:4.

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