Daily Topic for May 24, 2017

Acts 17:22, NET
So Paul stood before the Areopagus and said, “Men of Athens, I see that you are very religious in all respects.”

Pray that God will raise up missionaries who will be able to explain the gospel to the Khmer people in Canada in a clear, tactful way.

Khmer Cambodians in Vancouver, Canada

by CR

Over 2300 ethnic Cambodians live in Canada’s westernmost province of British Columbia. Many reside in or near the culturally-rich city of Vancouver. Khmer is the predominant language and ethnic group of Cambodia. Thousands of Khmer refugees migrated to Canada as a result of the 1975-79 Khmer Rouge genocide, which terrorized and killed millions of Cambodians.
When compared to the struggles and suffering that so many still experience in Cambodia, the Khmer Cambodians live in the thriving city of Vancouver and other parts of Canada. Their culture has its own beauty and creativity, as experienced in Greater Vancouver at a traditional Cambodian wedding or at the Cambodian restaurants that feature tasty and colorful foods.
Though some now follow Jesus, most Canadian Khmers adhere to Theravada Buddhism mixed with Hinduism. Ancestor worship and spirit worship are still important to them. These Canadian Cambodians practice a works-oriented religion without the true freedom and abundant life that only Jesus can give.

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Pray for softened hearts and receptive minds among Khmer people in Canada to receive the only Savior, Jesus Christ. Ask God to raise up many disciples among the Khmer people in Vancouver and other Canadian cities. Pray for Canadian churches to gain awareness and lift up regular prayer for Khmers in Canada. Ask for strategic outreaches that will lead many from Buddhism to a living faith in Jesus, and a disciple-making movement.

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