Daily Topic for November 07, 2017

Lev 25:10, NLT
Set this year apart as holy, a time to proclaim freedom throughout the land for all who live there. It will be a jubilee year for you, when each of you may return to the land that belonged to your ancestors and return to your own clan.

Pray for next year to be a spiritual year of jubilee for the Kazakhs, where they will be free from the spiritual debt of sin.

Kazakhs in Kazakhstan

by LR

Recalling the tremendous influence the Kazakhs had in Central Asia, the pastor urged his quickly growing Kazakh congregation to again influence Central Asia … but this time with their faith in Christ! “Endure the persecution,” he encouraged them, remembering what Kazakhs have had to withstand throughout the years.
About half of the Kazakh population was destroyed during the Russian Civil War a century ago. The Soviets suppressed their religion and seized much of their land. Traditionally, they were nomadic shepherds roaming the mountains and valleys. They believed in pre-Islamic cults of the sky, the ancestors, fire, the supernatural forces of good and evil spirits. Most survivors escaped to China and Mongolia. Remaining Kazakhs were forced to relocate to cities. Soviet-era nuclear testing and toxic waste dumping still plagues Kazakhstan. While most Kazakhs now live in Kazakhstan, they are still less than half of the country’s population, the other half being Russian.
Shamanic beliefs remain strong among the Kazakhs. They still wear charms to protect themselves from evil. But nearly two-thirds of Kazakhs follow Sunni Islam as well. The Kazakhs are now the second largest Muslim people group of Central Asia. With increasing legal restrictions, unregistered Protestant churches suffer worsening persecution.
However, the Kazakh church is booming. “Within a generation, the church has grown from a handful of Kazakh believers to 16,300, the largest in Central Asia,” said a missionary.

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Pray for continued growth in spite of persecution.

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