Daily Topic for April 25, 2017

Ephesians 4:15, NET
But practicing the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Christ, who is the head.

Pray that this will be the year when Kazakhs will accept the headship of Christ.

Kazakhs in Belgium

by WK

(This story illustrates what can happen among this people.)
“Yes, I really can recite my family tree back to seven generations,” said Ibrahim. Ibrahim was an old man of the Kazakh people group. Years ago he’d led his family out of China to Belgium. Now he sat on a park bench, talking to a middle-aged man he’d just met. “That’s amazing,” said the man. “I know someone who can trace his ancestry back even further. “Really?” Ibrahim seemed surprised. “His name is Jesus Christ,” said the man, “And if you read the Bible, then you’ll find His genealogy traced back 40 generations to the first man, Adam.”
The Kazakhs consider knowing your family heritage to be very important. Most members of this people group can recite their family tree back to at least seven generations. That’s true even of Kazakhs who fled to Belgium in the 1960s. Such people fled persecution in China, to take refuge in India or Pakistan. From there these people headed to Turkey and Europe. Ibrahim isn’t a real person, but people like him are typical of the many Kazakhs who settled in Belgium. Most Kazakhs are Muslims; but most Kazakhs in Europe don’t practice their religion.

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Pray that the Kazakhs living in Belgium will realize their need for salvation in Christ alone. Ask the Lord to raise up faithful workers to reach out to this people group with the message of salvation. Pray for a church planting movement among Kazakhs to begin in Belgium.

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