Daily Topic for June 10, 2017

1 Chron. 16:26, NIV
For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.

Pray for the Kataang people to respond to God’s invitation to worship Him rather than useless idols.

Kataang People

by CL

(This account is intended to explain the beliefs of this people group).
“But they must come to live in the longhouse!” Lae said, his face growing red with anger. “Father,” the younger man named Vin replied, “the world is changing. Young people need their own homes.” “I did not have my own home!” Lae said defiantly. “When I was young, I lived with my family in the longhouse. When I married, we came to live in the longhouse. I have lived here all of my life.” He gestured at the 100-meter structure. “There is room. And this is where they belong.” Vin nodded and walked away. When he reached his own son, he said, “Your grandfather wants you to live in the longhouse.” “But father…” He silenced his son with a hand. “Don’t worry. He will come around in time.”
Like culture everywhere, the lifestyle and traditions of the Kataang people of Laos are changing. Once living in groups of as many as 30 families in one giant house, the young Kataang are leaving the area, some moving to towns and cities.
There is only one church among this people group. But as this cultural shift takes place, there will be opportunities for more of them to hear the good news of Christ.

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Pray for the Kataang church to grow and for believers to share the gospel with those around them. Pray for the Kataang people to have soft hearts to receive the message of salvation. Pray for a movement to Christ among this people group.

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