Daily Topic for March 23, 2010

John 10:16
I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also.... and they shall be one flock with one shepherd.

The gospels provide us with four perspectives of the Lord Jesus, each emphasizing some particular aspect of His person. Yet each gospel clearly presents His command to take the good news to the entire world. Here we read Jesus’ gentle reminder of the global nature of the good news. “Other sheep” may be understood as “other nations,” or “other peoples.” Let us exhort each other in the church to remember all the other sheep from “every tongue, tribe, people, and nation” that are not yet in the fold! Let us think and pray about how we can share the news of Jesus with the “other sheep,” the unreached peoples of the world.

Pray that we will be faithful to reach out to, and pray for these other sheep like the Karatas.

Karata People

by CL

Who would concern themselves with a people group of just 6,400 living in Dagestan, an isolated, mountainous region of southwestern Russia? The answer is, of course, God. He had a specific reason for creating the Karatas. He situated them in their homeland for a purpose, and He is now zealous to share with them the message of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The reason the Karatas remain unreached is no mystery. Dagestan is a remote region, home to dozens of ethnic groups, most of them much larger than the Karatas. They have been Sunni Muslims since the 16th century and continue to engage in witchcraft, along with the worship of nature and the appeasement of spirits.

Again, the question arises: Who would spend their time and energies in order to evangelize a tiny community of people who practice folk Islam? And again, the answer is: God. A better question might be: Who will answer His call to go to the Karata people? Perhaps He’s calling you.

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Pray for laborers to hear and respond to God’s desire to reach the Karata people with His love. Ask Him to move among the Karatas, preparing their hearts to receive the good news of salvation in Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit will free them from the bondage of Islam and welcome them into the great congregation of nations, peoples, tongues, and tribes who will one day worship around His throne in heaven.

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