Daily Topic for October 18, 2017

Leviticus 2:14, NET
If you present a grain offering to the Lord from the first portion of your harvest, bring fresh grain that is coarsely ground and roasted on a fire.

Pray that the Kandu people will be given a desire to become living sacrifices to the Lord.

Kandu people

by DK

Did you know there was a group of people in ancient India whose main occupation was dry roasting grain? The Kandu people had the job of parching or dry roasting grain for the other peoples of South and Central Asia. Modern Kandu people have now left their old profession and work as village traders, money lenders, and shop keepers.
Most Kandu today live in the Indian state of Bihar. Some also live in other northeastern Indian states as well as in Nepal and Bangladesh. The Kandu speak many languages, but their main language is Hindi. They marry primarily within the clan, although marriage outside their group is not forbidden.
Our sources say that the Kandu are 100 percent Hindus with no known followers of Christ. The Kandu are considered an engaged but unreached people group. Engaged means at least one Christian agency and their workers have specifically targeted the Kandu to hear the gospel. Their efforts have not brought forth any Kandu believers yet.

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Pray that the Lord would use the showing of the Hindi version of the JESUS Film to bring some Kandu people into God’s kingdom. Pray that the Holy Spirit would create a spiritual hunger for Hindi Bibles among them. Pray that the Lord will grant wisdom, safety, and endurance to the workers who are now sharing the gospel with the Kandu.

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