Daily Topic for October 19, 2017

John 14:7, NET
If you have known me, you will know my father too. And from now on you do know him and have seen him.

Pray that soon the Kahar people will have many among them that know and honor the heavenly father.

Kahar People

by CL

(This fictional account is intended to explain the beliefs of the Kahar people group.)
“We’re deserted from who?” the boy asked between breaths. He was struggling to keep up with his older brother as they carried the heavy water containers up the hillside to the site of the wedding.
“Descended from,” the older brother corrected, already growing impatient. “We are descended from Kashyap, one of the 10 sons of the god Brahma. We are the second highest caste of warriors.” He snorted in disgust. “Don’t you ever listen! Father has told us over and over…” “I listen!” the younger brother insisted. “I just don’t understand. “What don’t you understand?” the older brother said, exasperated and now out of breath himself. “I don’t understand how we can be de… deseeded…” “Descended!” his brother shouted. “Right… from a god. And from warriors. If that’s true, why are we carrying water for other people?” His older brother answered with a sneer and a headshake. “You’re right, you don’t understand.”
Whether the Kahar are actually descended from warriors, they do have a history of carrying palanquins, a covered litter for a passenger carried on poles by four men. Today, some of them continue to carry water for higher castes.

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Pray for the Lord to move powerfully among the Kahar people. Pray for many to put their faith in Christ. Ask God to use this people group to carry the gospel to others around them.

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