Daily Topic for April 19, 2010

Acts 13:47
For this is what the Lord has commanded us: “I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”

In this verse, Paul reminds the Jews of their purpose in the Kingdom of God. The Jews have always been a central part of God’s plan, though they have often strayed from it. Today, Jewish people are returning to Berlin, a city that persecuted them 70 years ago. Will they rise to the ancient challenge given by God Himself?

Pray for a huge harvest of Christ followers among the Jewish communities of Berlin that will spread to many of the other 180 ethnic groups in this city.

Jews in Berlin

by CL

An estimated 100,000 of them fought bravely for their country in World War I. Many received awards for their courageous actions. Some 12,000 gave their lives in battle. Then something changed.
Of the hundreds of thousands of Jews living in Germany during the second World War, an estimated l70,000 resided in Berlin. Part of the anti-Semitism that swept through the nation was a campaign of propaganda that portrayed Jews as “shirkers.” The memory of brave Jewish soldiers was wiped from the public consciousness.

After WWII, there were very few Jews left in Berlin. Those who survived still faced lingering discrimination. It wasn’t until after the Berlin Wall came down in l989 that the Jewish community began to recover. Today, according to the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish population in Berlin is the fastest growing in the world with approximately 15,000 members and more than 10 synagogues.
What turned the tide? Persistent prayer, national repentance and God’s faithful love for His people.

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Pray for the Jews of Berlin to see and appreciate the miracle that God has done in their lives. Ask Him to remind them of the blessing that rests on their communities and families, and to direct their spiritual eyes to the source of that blessing. Pray for their hearts to be softened and their ears to be open to the loving call of their Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. Ask the Holy Spirit to move among them, drawing them and enabling them to come to faith in Yeshua.

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