Daily Topic for June 23, 2017

Is. 42:8, NIV
I am the Lord; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.

Pray for the Jeh people to put their faith in the one who gives perfect freedom. Pray for them to throw out their idols.

Jeh People

by CMW

You can tell if a Jeh girl is married or not by looking at her hair. Single Jeh girls wear their sleek black hair loose around their shoulders. Once married, they show off their new status by braiding their hair and putting it up in a bun. Jeh boys are permitted to engage sexually with girls at the age of 10, but do not marry until around the age of 15. The bride is expected to bring a gift of 100 logs of firewood to the groom’s family. This shows the woman’s willingness to work hard. When a woman is ready to give birth, she must deliver the baby in a hut built especially for the purpose by her husband. A celebration is held 10 days after the baby’s birth.
The 11,000 Jeh people are animists. They believe that a person’s soul resides inside his ears. At death, the spirit becomes a bird and flies away to join other ancestors. The Jeh live in fear of evil spirits, and until recently, strangers were captured and sacrificed to appease the spirits.
Thanks to the work of missionaries, some 300 Jeh people profess trust in Christ. Portions of the Bible are available in Jeh, as are gospel recordings and radio broadcasts.

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Pray for these materials to reach every Jeh village. Ask God to provide missionaries to reach more Jeh and to plant churches among them. Ask God, in his almighty power, to release these people from the bondage of demons.

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