Daily Topic for April 29, 2017

Acts 6:10, NET
Yet they were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit with which he spoke.

Pray that when the Holy Spirit speaks through His servants in Europe that Japanese people will listen rather than resist the ways of God.

Japanese People in Belgium and the Netherlands

by CMW

Dr. Tomoyuki Sako is managing director of Yakult, a probiotics drink company that employs 120 people including scientists in the Netherlands. Dr. Sako first went to Amsterdam as a scientist. Many years and a couple of promotions later, he and his family are still living there, and they now feel quite at home.
Some 5,000 Japanese live in Belgium and another 5,000 live in the Netherlands. They are mostly expatriates on business. Among the prominent Japanese companies in Belgium and the Netherlands are Hitachi, Panasonic, Toyota, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, and Yakult.
Chamber-of-commerce-like associations and Young Executive programs give the Japanese opportunities to network through business and cultural events such as a Cherry Blossom Festival, a J-Dream football tournament, a golf tournament, and a Japanese Festival. Companies such as Yakult sponsor cultural bedrocks such as the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra and the Van Gogh Museum. Japanese restaurants, supermarkets, and schools meet the needs of families, who usually acquire the trade languages of French or English.
The Japanese nominally believe in a blend of Buddhism and Shintoism, while being secular in practice. Their financial lives are solid, but they have deep spiritual needs that only Christ can fulfill.

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Pray for these successful expatriates to recognize their spiritual poverty. Pray for them to meet and befriend Christ-followers who will tell them of Christ’s heavenly riches. Pray for a church planting movement that will extend across the seas to Japan.

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