Daily Topic for April 27, 2010

Luke 7:24b
What did you go out into the desert to see? A reed swayed by the wind?

In some ways, the Jains have remained as steadfast as John the Baptist throughout their long history. For example, they maintain a consistent stance against taking any form of life. Some of them wear masks to keep from breathing in anything that lives! They have high morals. Could it be that they have not seen true Christ followers who can challenge them to get beyond a good moral system, to a relationship with the King of Kings?

Pray for God to raise up His own team of people to take Christ to the high-minded Jains in Berlin.

Jains in Berlin

by AK

Though there are only about 120 Jains in Berlin, their influence is significant. They have no problem gaining citizenship in the European Union, for many are teachers, yoga instructors and business people. It is common for them to marry German spouses and integrate into German culture. Berlin University has taught Indology (the study of India) for years, and a retired German professor received the Prakrit Jnanabharati International Award in 2006.

Jainism has existed side-by-side with Hinduism for centuries. It is one of the oldest religions in India. As Jains move from India to other countries, they bring their beliefs and festivals with them. They follow the tenets of Lord Mahavir, whom they consider to be a great teacher. They say, “Lord Mahavir’s philosophies and teachings on complete non-violence and austerity show us the path to salvation.”
Jains seek salvation through works, which include a vegetarian diet, yoga and non-violence against any living being. They promote peace. Yet, true peace comes through Jesus, Prince of Peace. He gives peace with God and produces the peace of God within us.

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Pray that the Jains in Berlin will learn about Jesus Christ, the true path to salvation. Ask the Holy Spirit to help these dear ones desire Christ’s peace that passes human understanding. Pray for God to give them a holy dissatisfaction with anything less than a relationship with Jesus.

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