Daily Topic for April 15, 2017

Acts 26:23-24, NET
... that the Christ was to suffer and be the first to rise from the dead, to proclaim light both to our people and to the Gentiles.” As Paul was saying these things in his defense, Festus exclaimed loudly, “You have lost your mind, Paul! Your great learning is driving you insane!”

Pray for a gift of faith for non-believers so that instead of mocking the resurrection, they will rejoice in Christ’s victory over death.

Iraqi Arabs in Belgium and the Netherlands

by PE

Ibraham shook his head as he glanced across the blue and green mounds of pop-up tents covering the park. He commented, “I started a business, but the militia wanted so much protection money that I had to close shop and run. To live here in squalor, tent against tent is very depressing. I’d rather go back to Baghdad and die in the war.”
Belgium was the first nation to repatriate Iraqis who fled their homeland after the beginning of the Iraqi war. Finding life difficult as refugees in Europe, over 3,800 voluntarily returned to Iraq in 2015. The country provided one year of aid for the disillusioned people, mostly men aged 25 to 45.
The Netherlands has approximately 5,900 Iraqi immigrants living there at this time, and fewer than 100 are Muslim. Belgium and the Netherlands have access to Arabic Bibles, Christian literature, JESUS Films, and audio Bible teachings. God has opened a door for asylum seekers to find the peace and safety that only Christ can offer. They are in a land where they can learn of Jesus and embrace Him and the teachings of the Word of God. Are they hearing? Are local believers showing them kindness and sharing Christ?

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Pray that before many refugees give up and retreat to Iraq they will hear and receive the good news. Pray that local believers will boldly and kindly share the treasure of salvation with those starving for His mercy and peace.

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