Daily Topic for May 17, 2017

Jonah 3:10, NKJV
Then God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God relented from the disaster that He had said He would bring upon them, and He did not do it.

Pray for the Lord to relieve the Iraqi peoples from the disaster that nation is now facing. Pray for every people in Iraq to turn to Christ and be used of Him to re-build their nation into what He wants it to become.

Iraqi Arab Muslims in Chicago

by PD

(This fictitious story is intended to illustrate what could be happening to Iraqi Muslims in Chicago.)
“Welcome to our home!” Rahum, an Iraqi Arab Muslim man, welcomed his American Christian friends, Dave and Susan, to his apartment in Chicago. He introduced his wife Nahir, and his three children. They shared their story over hot tea and baklava.
Nahir said, “it was wonderful to see how people in America love their children and respect women. I will be having our fourth child soon.” She gestured at the things given to her at a recent baby shower and said, “Look at all these beautiful things the ladies gave me for the baby!” Rahum added, “Dave, thank you for getting me the assembly job at the factory. We now have this apartment, a TV, and the kids are doing great in school! Life was dangerous in Baghdad, but thank God we got out and could come to America.”
There are over 6,500 Iraqi Arabs living in Chicago. The majority are practicing Muslims who are hospitable and easy to make friends with. However they are resistant to Christian witness, and there is a need for more believers to reach out to them in love.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that these Iraqis will open their hearts to God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, and the truth found in a relationship with Christ. Pray that God will prepare many believers to develop long lasting, committed friendships with Iraqi Muslims.

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