Daily Topic for September 27, 2017

Isaiah 40:5, NKJV
The glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.

Pray that the Bhatia Rajputs will listen when the Lord opens his mouth to speak to them.

Hindu or Sikh Bhatia (aka, Bhatti) Rajputs

by BK

Traders, merchants, and moneylenders, the Bhatia are primarily a commercial people, though they were not always so. Once upon a time, the Bhatia were a warrior race. The word Bhatia is taken from the Bhatti or Bhati dynasty – ruled by a warrior-king named Raja Bhoopat.
Once largely focused in what is now India’s north, the Bhatia were, in a way, the gatekeepers of India. Any would-be invaders from Central Asia would be forced to face the renowned Bhatia Rajputs. Over time, the people fractured, and today they can be found in many northern states, with a diversity of languages and cultural markers. Some reside in Jammu and Kashmir, but just to the south others live in Punjab where they can be either Sikh or Hindu. These Bhatia people speak either Hindi or Punjabi, but they can also read and write in their Gurmukhi language. The Bhatia here prefer to maintain marriages only within their group. Others live in Haryana or further south in Rajastan and Gujarat. A privileged minority have managed to migrate to the US or Germany for a higher education.

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Pray for the Bhatia to encounter the Lord in dreams and visions. Pray for a great harvest to begin among the Bhatia people, and for many to become missionaries throughout the highly unreached parts of northern India. Pray for a strong community of believers to rise up amongst the Bhatia.

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