Daily Topic for September 22, 2017

Matthew 6:10, NET
... may your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Make this your prayer for the Gardi people today.

Hindu Gardi People

by CL

(This story is intended to illustrate the attitudes of this people group.)
Santosh, a young man with deep-set eyes, sighed heavily when another string on his sarod instrument broke. It was the second time it had happened in one morning. His friend Dilpreet who sat ready at a tabla drum, commented, “Not again! Arad (a Hindu god) is not favoring us today.”
“Only if Arad even exists,” Santosh commented. Dilpreet’s face seemed to snap in Santosh’s direction. “What? Arad provides us with the ability to play these instruments. He makes it possible for our people to sing….”
“I know the stories,” Santosh said. “But I wonder if they are only myths. I saw a movie online. It was about someone called Jesus. This movie told how he was sent from God.” Dilpreet commented, “From which God?” “The movie said there is only one God.” Dilpreet scowled and said, “Just get another string so we can play our music.”
Gardi people like these two men are skilled musicians and singers. They have gospel materials available online in their heart language of Dogri. But there is so much spiritual confusion from Hinduism that few, if any, have put their faith in Christ.

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Pray for the Lord to speak clearly despite the plethora of false gods that are keeping the Gardi people from knowing him. Pray for his kingdom to come and his will to be done among the Gardi people of Jammu and Kashmir. Pray for a disciple making movement to soon emerge.

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