Daily Topic for November 21, 2017

Romans 6:14, NLT
Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace.

Pray for the Hazara Aimaqs to soon experience the joy and relief of giving up the bondage of the law for the freedom of living under God’s grace.

Hazara Aimaqs in Tajikistan

by CMW

The Hazara Aimaqs are a subtribe of the Hazara people. They are a small population numbering 9,000 in Tajikistan. Their language is the Aimaq dialect of Persian. Previously a nomadic people living in a drought-decimated land, they travelled seasonally to graze their herds. Now they are mostly semi-nomadic and live in yurts covered with felt. Others subsist as sedentary farmers and carpet weavers, some supplementing their income by selling their beautiful homemade rugs. Their diet consists of whole wheat bread, rice, chickpeas, and garden vegetables, with their protein coming in the form of chicken, eggs, and lamb. They drink dugh, a beverage made of yogurt, salt, pepper, and water. The women wear a dark head-to-toe covering when out in public and the men wear turbans or caps and rough cloaks. The most important life event, marriage, takes place when a girl is 13 or 14, usually to a blood relative. This milestone celebration is marked by dancing and drum music.
Most Hazaras are Shi’ite Muslims, but 100 percent of the Hazara Aimaqs practice Sunni Islam. They have no scriptures in their language.

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Pray that soon they will have scripture portions in their tongue. Pray for a way for them to hear about Christ. Ask our heavenly father to give them a sense of longing and curiosity for something other than the only religion they have heard about.

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