Daily Topic for August 27, 2017

Matt 14:33, NKJV
Then those who were in the boat came and worshiped Him, saying, “Truly You are the Son of God.”

Meditate on what this verse would mean to Hanji people if they would read the Gospel of Matthew and open their hearts.

Hanji People

by CMW

Little Ahmad had eagerly awaited this day, but now that it was here, he was disappointed. He had always admired the way his lean, but muscular dad towed his boat. Today, Ahmad’s dad told him he was old enough to take a turn. Ahmad tried towing. The boat hardly moved! This was back-breaking for a little boy like him, and it was not the fun he had envisioned.
Ahmad belongs to the Hanji boatmen caste in Kashmir. They live on the lakes or along riverbanks. Boats are their distinctly unglamorous “cars” and cramped “houses.” Some Hanji boatmen earn their living paddling visitors around scenic lakes.
In 2014 floods devastated the lives of many Hanji. Authorities in Kashmir demolished dwellings along the riverbanks, but did not provide alternative settlements. As a result many of the Hanji people are now homeless. Without education or economic resources, they were powerless to persuade the authorities to help provide for them.
In the Bible we read of Jesus getting around by boat, teaching and telling stories while standing or sitting in a boat, and even sleeping in a boat while a storm raged on the lake! The Hanji people, who are Muslim, would be pleased to know that Jesus and his disciples understood their daily activities.

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Please pray for them to know the One who befriended boatmen and fishermen. Pray that Jesus will send someone to tell them his stories, and that their lives will be transformed.

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