Daily Topic for January 21, 2017

Acts 8:35, NET
So Philip started speaking, and beginning with this scripture proclaimed the good news about Jesus to him.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to show African leaders what verses to use for every situation.

Hammar-Bana People of Ethiopia

by KH

Hammar-Bana leave “ritually polluted” people (those who are believed to exert evil influence on others) in the wilderness, or they are drowned in the river. Reasons for declaring ritual pollution include giving birth out of wedlock, giving birth to twins, eruption of teeth in upper jaw before the lower jaw, and chipping a tooth during childhood. This may be their way to purge people who are likely to become a burden.
The Hammar-Bana people mainly adhere to traditional religion. They believe that natural objects, such as rocks and trees, have spirits. They also believe in jinns, or spirits that are capable of assuming human or animal form, and increasing supernatural influence over people. They rub their skin with sand in an effort to wash away their sins. Because many are Sunni Muslim, they also acknowledge the existence of a supreme being, but they believe they cannot reach him directly.
Though there have been efforts to reach Hammar-Bana for more than 30 years, few have put their trust in the Savior who can take care of their spiritual and physical needs. Recently, however, the New Testament has been translated and distributed to them!

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Pray that the enthusiasm and transformed lives of Hammar-Bana believers will cause non-believers to read their New Testament and come to know Jesus as Lord. Pray that these lost people will turn away from their fears and put their complete trust in Christ. Pray that trainers, literacy efforts, and audio resources will be available soon.

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