Daily Topic for February 08, 2018

Genesis 20:10-11, NET
Then Abimelech asked Abraham, “What prompted you to do this thing?” Abraham replied, “Because I thought, ‘Surely no one fears God in this place. They will kill me because of my wife.’”

Pray for workers to find those among the Habee people who have a healthy fear of God and are willing to obey him.

Habee Fulbe

by WK

(These events are hypothetical.)
The Habee herder leads his cows into the rice field of the Hausa farmer. As the farmer watched, he did not object. The cows began eating rice stalks, but in a way, the cattle would pay the farmer back with their manure to fertilize the rice fields. That is the way it had always been. The cattle herders and the farmers had a symbiotic relationship, meaning they each provided something to benefit the other. Unfortunately, this situation is deteriorating, as you will see in other prayer entries this month.
The Habee Fulbe of Nigeria are nomadic herders. They live in the same part of Nigeria as the Hausa, who are mainly farmers. No one knows when the Hausa learned about the value of manure in making crops grow, or when the Habee began providing manure for their Hausa neighbors. As you can see from earlier prayer entries, cooperation has been replaced with violent rivalry today.
The Habee were one of the first people groups in Africa to convert to Islam, but this people group still retains a belief in nature spirits. In recent years a few Habee have become followers of Jesus Christ.

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Pray that a mission agency will target the Habee for outreach. May this people group realize their need for salvation. May the few followers of Jesus Christ grow in faith, so they may take the message of salvation to their countrymen. May such believers be protected from persecution.

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