Daily Topic for June 29, 2017

Is. 42:11, NET
Let the desert and its cities shout out, the towns where the nomads of Kedar live! Let the residents of Sela shout joyfully; let them shout loudly from the mountaintops.

Pray that there will soon come a day when the Shan Tai people will shout God’s praises from their mountain homes!

FEBC Radio for Shan Tai of Myanmar

by PD

There are many Shan Tai people that live in hard to reach areas of Myanmar. One method of gospel communication with them that overcomes this obstacle daily and enters into Shan homes and hearts is the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). FEBC is bringing God’s word, testimonies, Shan worship music, and gospel radio programming to anyone with a shortwave radio. In addition to reaching remote areas, many Shan believers have been strengthened and encouraged by the radio programs. Some Shan report having listened to the programs for years prior to coming to Christ.
Over 4.6 million Shan Tai are found living in various regions spread across Myanmar. They are constantly fighting Myanmar’s military forces which are trying to maintain control of them and the other ethnic groups. However, some Shan have freedom from Myanmar’s military influence by living in remote mountainous regions.
The Shan are Buddhist. Many blend their Buddhist rituals with spirit worship that is associated with nature. There are only a few Shan that have come to the Lord, and they are often persecuted. Many living in the mountains have never heard the gospel.

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Pray that the FEBC broadcasters will be guided by the Holy Spirit as they bring God’s word to the Shan people. The Shan Bible is now available on an app, so pray for ways to get the word of God to spiritually hungry people. Pray that the Shan will open their hearts to the Lord when they hear God’s message.

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