Daily Topic for April 13, 2017

Acts 26:8, NET
Why do you people think it is unbelievable that God raises the dead?

Pray for the unreached people groups in Europe that are being reached this decade. Pray that they will have faith in Christ and His victory over death.

Dutch Jews

by PD

(This story explains the lifestyle of this people group.)
“Before WWII there were almost 60,000 Jewish people living here in Amsterdam. After the war only about 5,000 returned. Most of our people did not survive. I was one of the few.” Nathan was sharing with a visitor who had many questions about the Jewish people in the Netherlands. He continued, “Today the Jewish population has grown to about 20,000, and our communities here and throughout Holland have been restored. While not much is left from the old Jewish Quarter, there are several new synagogues and special memorial Jewish Museums. We have wonderful schools. My grandchildren are learning Hebrew. There are many new opportunities for jobs, and most importantly, we have a Jewish Football Club! People wave the Israeli flag during matches. There are many good Kosher delis, stores, and restaurants throughout the city. Last year the Dutch government gave our community $11 million dollars to compensate for taxes that survivors of the Holocaust had to pay. It is truly a miracle!”
The majority of the Jewish people in Holland are secular. Some are Orthodox, and a few have joined small Messianic Jewish fellowships.

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Pray that believers will reach out to these Jewish people with spiritual wisdom, understanding, hope, and patience so they will see the true light of the living Lord. Pray these Jewish people will be open to receiving God’s peace, truth, and grace.

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