Daily Topic for April 20, 2010

Acts 4:12
…there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.

The Druze religion is an eclectic mix of various borrowed ideas. To many, it seems to be the best of everything. The Druze are not alone in approaching spirituality as one approaches a buffet table. But the One who created the universe, the author of the Bible, tells us that only Jesus can save.

Pray that the “open minded” Druze people will soon learn that the only option for spiritual salvation is found in none other than Jesus Christ.

Druze in Berlin

by CL

What do you get when you mix Islam with Greek philosophy, gnosticism, and Christianity? The answer is a religion known as Druze.

Most Druze adherents live in Lebanon, Syria and Israel, but many have migrated to Europe, and there is a sizeable community in Berlin. Though they are often believed to be an offshoot of Islam, they do not consider themselves to be Muslim. Druze adherents do not follow the five pillars of Islam and keep the major tenets of their faith secret. The major principles governing their lives are honesty, loyalty, respect, and servanthood. Because they have been persecuted and ostracized by other religious groups, the Druze seldom allow converts and do not seek to promote their beliefs through evangelism. They maintain their numbers by intermarrying with others from their religion.

Like Islamic “Twelvers,” the Druze expect a Mahdi or “guided one” to appear and lead the world to peace. They also follow many of the prophets, including Abraham, Noah, Moses, and even Jesus. Yet they do not practice prayer and do not understand the concept of a personal relationship with God. Many are practicing atheists or agnostics.

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Pray for the veil to be removed from the eyes of these spiritual wanderers. Ask God to guide their hungry, but dissatisfied hearts into a relationship with the only one who can satisfy their longing: Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers to prepare the ground, plant seeds, and spend their lives harvesting spiritual fruit among the Druze.

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