Daily Topic for August 21, 2017

Ps 72:7, NET
During his days the godly will flourish; peace will prevail as long as the moon remains in the sky.

Pray for the Domaal Rajputs to yearn for the day when Jesus prevails and brings peace to the earth.

Domaal Rajputs of Kashmir

by PE

Chandra yawned as she leaned against her mother. “Please tell me a story, mama.”
“There was once a man named Mala Rajput. He went to Kargil where he married a Buddhist woman. The children of that marriage are our ancestors. Later, there were two brothers named Dharam and Puran. Dharam was selected to be the leader of the tribe, but on a visit to another place he converted to Islam and was sent away. So, Puran became the leader of the tribe, but later he too converted to Islam and changed his name to Dom. And that is why our tribe is called Domaal, because we are descendants of Dom.”
There are 13,000 Domaal Rajput people in Kashmir, and they are 100 percent Islamic. They have at their disposal complete Bibles in their native language of Urdu, as well as audio recordings, many Christian films and videos, tracts, publications explaining salvation, and a plethora of children’s Christian material. Yet, it’s all unused and awaits those who would answer a call of God to take these materials to the Domaal and present the gospel of Jesus Christ to them in a sensitive and relevant way.

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Pray that someone answers God’s call. Pray that the Holy Spirit softens the hearts of the Domaal Rajputs as they know no other way of life than the Islamic way. Pray that the veil is removed from their spiritual eyes, and Christ will manifest himself to them in a powerful way.

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