Daily Topic for October 16, 2017

Luke 19:8, NKJV
And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because he also is a son of Abraham.”

Pray that salvation will soon come to the households of the Dhangar people.

Dhangar People

by PD

(This story is intended to illustrate truths about this people group.)
Kamya, a Dhangar mother, held her little boy, Fateh, tightly and tried to calm him while he was having his first haircut. She had brought Fateh to the temple, and the Hindu priest chanted prayers as he removed the hair and threw it into a fire pot in front of a statue of the god Shiva. It was hard for Kamya, as Fateh was screaming with fear, but she knew how important it was that he would be purified from any bad deeds from his previous life. She felt this was the best gift she could ever give him. When it was over she prayed to Shiva, thanked the priest, and paid him with the yogurt she had made from milking her goats.
Kamya’s people are the Dhangars, and they rarely have the chance to go to a temple. There are almost three million Dhangars that follow the traditional life of a shepherd in Gujarat, India. A few thousand have migrated to Pakistan. Due to changes in their environment which makes nomadic herding difficult, some have taken jobs in towns or villages. They are Hindu and almost none of them have heard of the good shepherd who longs for them to follow him.

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Pray God will provide a way to reach the Dhangar and bring them into his saving grace soon.

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