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Ps 85:8, NET
I will listen to what God the LORD says. For he will make peace with his people, his faithful followers. Yet they must not return to their foolish ways.

Pray for the Dhamali Faqirs to find peace with God and never turn to any saint or idol.

Dhalami Faqirs in Kashmir

by BO

(This story is fictional and is intended to depict the lives of the Dhamali Faqir.)
Two men beating large drums march onto the stage. Following them are men clothed in vibrant colors, ready to perform the Dhamali dance. They are clanging their wooden sticks and swords together as they dance to the drumbeats. They are offering their dance to gods hoping that their families and lives will be blessed.
These are not Hindus; these men are of the Sufi sect of Islam, and they practice this unique form of worship which originated in northern India. The many variations of the Dhamali dance tell a story. Historically, the dance was performed by Dhamali Faqir, the male followers of Saint Baba. Dhalami Faqir use the dance to express exaltation, anger, or happiness to Baba.
Though the dance has since been transformed into a cultural tradition, its roots are in worship of this saint. The Sufis who continue this tradition are considered the mystics of Islam. Many took a vow of poverty in honor of Baba’s dedication to support the less fortunate. They lead simple lives and hold low paying, low status jobs such as making shoes.

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Ask the Lord to reveal true worship to the Dhalami Faqirs and their families. May they know a true relationship with Christ instead of sacrifice and idolatry. May there be evangelists that go
to these Sufi Muslims in a way that connects with their culture and values.

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