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1 Chronicles 1:19, NLT
Eber had two sons. The first was named Peleg (which means “division”), for during his lifetime the people of the world were divided into different language groups. His brother’s name was Joktan.

Pray that for the sake of peace and well-being of innocent people in Libya, that their nation will be preserved.

Cyrenaican Arabs in Libya

by KC

If you have been watching news about Libya in recent years, you will notice that soon after the death of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the country basically divided into two or three parts. Don’t be surprised if the nation state we now know as Libya eventually divides into separate nations. Why is that?
The reasons go back centuries. The eastern half is basically Cyrenaican Arab, and the western half is more akin to what we think of as “Libyan.” They speak different dialects of Arabic, and they have been conquered by different powers throughout their long history. The eastern half includes what we call Cyrenaica. It was conquered by Alexander the Great at the time of the Greek Empire. It later became part of the Roman Empire. It has been conquered by Arab Muslims, the Turkish Ottomans, and the Italians.
Their identity and culture is different from their Libyan neighbors to the west, and in today’s world, they are under the control of a different set of militants than the Libyan Arabs.

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Pray for the Cyrenaican Arabs to find peace and justice. Pray that their search for freedom and autonomy will lead them to seek and find the savior who can offer them freedom from sin and death. Pray for an extensive movement of Cyrenaican Arabs who will be discipled in the ways of Jesus Christ.

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