Daily Topic for January 24, 2010

Ecc. 1:14
I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Can you imagine going through life with this mindset? Everything is meaningless! Most people throughout history have lived and died with little or no purpose other than to survive sickness and destruction. Doesn’t our loving Heavenly Father want more for us? He certainly does! You have found the most important purpose of all, to glorify His Name and to expand His Kingdom. Shouldn’t the Comorians know of and embrace this message?

Pray that soon the Comorians will find their purpose in Jesus Christ.

Comorians in Tanzania

by NW

The Comorian woman lay quietly in her Tanzanian home. A deep excruciating pain pulsed through every fiber of her body. AIDS was taking it’s toll. She looked toward the corner of the room and saw tears falling down the cheeks of her five-year-old son. He was rocking back and forth holding his stomach. The unhealthy water they were drinking was weakening him. The Comorian mother cried; she was too weak in her sickness to hold him. Even if she had the strength to hold him, there was nothing she could do. The village they lived in had no health facilities and no clean water.

As the mother drifted in and out of sleep, she remembered a story. Not long ago her friend Fauna had visited. Fauna told her about people called missionaries. These people came to Fauna’s country to help them with food and medical treatment. They taught them how to get clean water. They prayed for them when they were sick, and they got better. These missionaries shared the story of Jesus, the son of God who wanted all people to commit their lives to Him. As the Comorian woman fell into a deep sleep, she hoped that missionaries would one day come to her village.

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Pray for missionaries to minister God’s grace to Comorians who live in Tanzania, and also those living in their homeland, the Comoro Islands.

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