Daily Topic for November 08, 2017

Genesis 30:22-23, NET
Then God took note of Rachel. He paid attention to her and enabled her to become pregnant. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Then she said, “God has taken away my shame.”

Pray for the Chechen people to discard their shame when they embrace the true savior of mankind.

Chechens in Kazakhstan

by LR

(This story illustrates attitudes of this people group.)
“I’m Russian!” insisted the Chechen woman to the group surrounding her in the Kazakh market. The bright rosy tint of shame dripped down her wet cheeks. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of her Chechen heritage, but she was ashamed of being ashamed. Her people had fought so fiercely for their homeland from which Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s regime carted them away in freight trains almost 75 years ago. That fierceness carried the reputation of haughtiness, defiance, and having a warlike nature, even in her home away from homeland.
When Josef Stalin freighted half a million Chechens to the Kazakh plains and other remote steppes in 1944, nearly half died. Soviet officials explained to Kazakh locals that the incoming Chechens were enemies of the state. Chechens were treated as outcasts in their new Kazakh home. Although nearly 35,000 Chechens still live in Kazakhstan, the reputation Stalin gave them has continued to stick. Some Kazakhs still refuse to associate with them, and most Chechens have remained in poverty since their arrival.
Centuries ago, the Chechens embraced Sufi Islam, the religion to which they maintain loyalty. Although no known followers of Christ live among them in Kazakhstan, a complete Bible translation was finished five years ago, and there are a few Chechen believers elsewhere.

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Pray that loving Kazakh believers will minister the love of Jesus to the Chechen living among them.

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