Daily Topic for March 08, 2010

Proverbs 30:33
For as churning the milk produces butter, and as twisting the nose produces blood, so stirring up anger produces strife.

Many times in the past years, we have read in the newspapers about the strife-laden ways of the Chechen people. They have been in an ongoing conflict with their Russian overlords. The results have been tragic: lives have been lost, the economy is destroyed and needs are not met. Women and children suffer the most.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to enter the lives of the Chechens, and turn them from the destructive ways of anger and strife.

Chechen People

by PE

Chechnya, tucked in the remote valleys of the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia, is a bed of hot political coals. After years of oppression and suffering, the people rose up against the Russians in 1989. The red-hot political coals have flared into all-out war five times since that date. In 1991 they declared themselves independent, although Russia continues to consider them a prickly, problematic part of their federation.

Chechen terrorism by Islamic fanatics has horrified the world, especially the bombing of a Russian theater with 700 people in it. The Beslen school attack, where more than 300 children were killed, was also a heartless act. They are generally despised and feared by most Russians and called the “Mafia of Russia.”

In their homes and daily lives they practice avoidance, which means that a wife never speaks to her father-in-law, never sits with her husband to eat, must rise when a male enters the room, and must keep her eyes lowered. Chechnya is nearly 100 percent Muslim, and they are the most devout of any Islamic people group in Russia.

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Praise God for the few known Chechen believers. Pray for their nurture, multiplication and protection. Ask God to speed the translation and distribution of the Bible in their very unique language. Pray that the fierce Islamic Chechen people will have an opportunity to choose Jesus as their Lord and that Christian broadcasts in the Chechen language will penetrate their land with the gospel.

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