Daily Topic for March 18, 2010

Is. 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news….”

For way too long, the high Caucasus Mountains have been too steep a barrier to the gospel in this region. But why weren’t they too steep for Muslim missionaries who brought their religion to the region hundreds of years ago?

Pray that soon the “beautiful feet” of Christ’s ambassadors will reach every village, every mountain peak and every people in the high Caucasus Mountains. Pray that gospel recordings will become abundantly available throughout this region.

Chamalal People

by GC

Picture such barriers: mountains, languages, isolation, and a twisted form of the Islamic religion. Only the Holy Spirit can reach across such obstacles.

Ali stands on the steep slope of the mountain. He just heard the call from the mosque in the village. He checks his flock of sheep to make sure they are still safe. Then he begins his ritual washing. With no water at hand, he goes through the motions, rolls out his prayer mat and kneels. Bowing toward Mecca, he puts his head to the ground and prays as the Qu’ran tells him.

Ali belongs to the small, isolated people group in the steep mountains of Dagestan called the Chamalal. Their language evolved separately from most of those around them. The mountains helped cause them to remain isolated. Their endogamous society (marrying within their own group) also keeps them separated from other nearby ethnic groups.

When the Communists took control of Russia, this region formed one of the last bastions of opposition. But gradually Moscow imposed its domination. Now, the Chamalal people study in the Avar language through the fifth grade. Then succeeding grades are taught in Russian. Their own language has never been put in written form.

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Pray that God will raise up laborers to cross the spiritual barriers with His gospel of peace. “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news….” (Is. 52:7, NIV).

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