Daily Topic for September 11, 2017

Romans 9:25a, NIV
I will call them “my people” who are not my people;...

Pray that this will be the time when the Mon people of India are adopted by their Heavenly Father.

Buddhist Mon People in India and Myanmar

by CR

Mon history dates back thousands of years; they were the first inhabitants of Burma, now called Myanmar, and they first came there as highly cultured Buddhists with a north Indian classical heritage. Today there are anywhere between one and five million of them worldwide, mainly in Myanmar, but a small number live in India, including about 1,000 in Jammu and Kashmir.
Indian Hindu culture and the Asoka Buddhist kingdom of India helped shape the Mon people. This great Mon civilization played a significant leadership role in Burma’s long history and brought Theravada Buddhism to Burma. More recently, however, the Mon people in Myanmar have experienced persecution and they struggle for autonomy.
Mon villages normally consist of thatched-roof houses, cattle sheds, and granaries. Villages typically contain a monastery that also acts as a school, and pagodas with Buddha images. Their form of Theravada Buddhism is accompanied by beliefs in various spirits. In Kashmir the primary Mon language is Ladakhi, and there is a complete Bible, the JESUS Film, and audio recordings in their language.

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Ask God to stir Indian churches to pray for the Mon. Pray for Christ followers to go to these unreached people. Ask for Mon hearts and minds to open to Jesus and his word. Pray for a disciple making movement among the Mon people in Kashmir and Myanmar.

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