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Psalms 36:6, NET
Your justice is like the highest mountains, your fairness like the deepest sea; you preserve mankind and the animal kingdom.

Pray that when the Changpa people look to the mountains, they will praise the one who made them.

Buddhist Changpa People

by WM

In a remote corner of the world there lies a land matched by few others in its beauty and unyielding severity. Barren mountains are capped with snow, and surrounded by plains of windswept grass and stones. Standing in a mountain pass and looking down upon the valley below, a visitor might see herds of livestock and here and there tents pitched upon the plain.
This is the region of Ladakh in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, home to the Changpa people. These herds are the Changpas’ livelihood, and the yak-hair tents, called rebos, are their homes. Here the Changpa raise goats, sheep, and yaks for meat, for their milk, and for fur. The goats, in particular, are valued for their fine cashmere wool, called pashmina.
Every Changpa family houses two objects of veneration: a picture of the Dalai Lama and their household deity. Although the Changpa are Buddhists, they also place much stock in bon, their ancestral shamanistic religion, and its numerous spirits. The Changpa fear some of these spirits which are believed to cause severe weather and other afflictions.
The Changpa are completely unreached. All practice bon and Tibetan Buddhism; none have had an opportunity to commit their lives to Jesus.

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Pray that Christ-followers would be moved by God to attempt to bring the gospel to the Changpa. Pray that this would be successful, so that the Changpa need fear spirits no longer, but find rest and solace in Christ alone.

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