Daily Topic for December 20, 2016

Luke 2:17, NKJV
Now when they had seen Him, they made widely known the saying which was told them concerning this child.

Thank the Lord that He uses even the low-status shepherds to tell of the King of kings to those who need to hear.

Breakthroughs in North Africa

by CR

From northernmost Africa (October 2015), Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) reports that in “a region once hostile to the gospel, now tens of thousands of Muslims are following Jesus.” Filmmaker Tino Qahoush has traveled this region to document God’s transforming work. Tino shares about Muslims who “see the appearance and the presence of God appear to them in reality, like a vision.”
In Algeria, Pastor Salah leads one of the largest churches, 1,200 believers, of whom 99 percent were once Muslims. Farhat, a former Muslim, talks about his “miraculous encounters.” Youssef, a prominent Algerian pastor, speaks of “many opportunities to witness at the police stations and at the courts.” Youssef describes Muslims asking him, “Tell us about Jesus!”
Veteran missionary “Peter” credits the Internet and satellite TV for bringing dramatic changes in how people in North Africa see Jesus. Moreover, bold Algerian believers empowered by God, now seek to take the good news worldwide.

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Praise God for His work among North Africa’s Muslims! Pray the light continues shining brightly in this region, reaping not only a growing harvest of believers, but of disciples. Pray that the Lord equips and sends forth many of these disciples with His life-transforming gospel. Pray that God keeps using the Internet and satellite TV to accomplish His wonderful purposes in Algeria and other parts of North Africa.

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