Daily Topic for April 13, 2010

Psalms 9:8
He will judge the world in righteousness; He will govern the peoples with justice.

This is a great example of the “not yet” verses of the Bible. God is a perfect judge, and He will govern with perfect righteousness. But for the time being, we still have to contend with injustice coming from man’s sinfulness and Satan’s deceit. As a result, people like the Bosnians mentioned in today’s reading, must endure hardships at the hands of oppressors.

Pray that the Lord will speed the day when His righteousness and justice will fill the earth.

Bosnian Muslims in Berlin

by JS

“I saw it all – women crying… men shot down in front of my eyes…. I don’t know why this horror has happened! I only know I’m still filled with anger, pain and sorrow like so many of my people. Where is Allah?” Fikret, a Muslim Bosnian, expressed his deepest emotions to a Christian aid worker regarding the devastating attacks against his people at the hands of the Serbians.

During the war times many Bosnian refugees came to Germany and Berlin. They faced frustrating immigration problems. Some had to return home, others could stay for only six months or less. Berlin was even more restrictive than the rest of Germany.

In 2005 a new law said that traumatized Bosnians could stay if there was no way to get help and support back in Bosnia. But as soon as their problems were resolved, they had to return. For others it was a little better. If they could find work and earn enough money, they could stay.

Bosnians were uncertain about how long they would be allowed to remain in Germany. With Berlin’s high unemployment rate, Bosnian immigrants face the almost insurmountable challenge of finding work. A serious handicap for believers trying to reach these immigrants for Christ is that these Muslims suffered at the hands of so-called Christian Serbs.

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Pray for a healing from the past and for an openness to follow the loving Christ, who is nothing like the Serbian tormenters.

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