Daily Topic for June 18, 2017

Psalm 119:45, NIV
I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.

Make this your prayer for the Bit people.

Bit People

by PE

(This story is intended to illustrate truths about the lives of this people group.)
Aelan, which means “flower,” fingered her shell necklace and silver bracelets as she bowed low and prayed to her ancestors. Her husband, Tong, burst through the door wearing a troubled look. “What happened to him?” he demanded. She responded, “He was climbing a tree in the forest and fell to the ground.” Aelan stroked her child’s forehead. In deep despair, the parents had only spirit gods and long-dead ancestors to turn to.
Eight small villages in the north of Laos located in a high forested valley are home to the 1,600 Bit people. Each village contains 30-50 houses where the women work in their traditional dress. Those villages closest to civilization are rapidly dropping their language, ethnic religion, and becoming assimilated into other cultures. This is a time of transition that will eventually spread to their most distant villages.

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Pray that while the Bit are seeking identity, they will find it in Jesus Christ. Pray that the nearby Khmu evangelists will focus on the Bit and share the gospel with great power and abundant harvest. Pray for a flourishing Bit church to spring up to the glory of the Savior. Pray that Bit people like Aelan and Tong will soon experience the comfort, provision, and salvation of the Lord.

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