Daily Topic for April 01, 2010

Psalms 32: 5b
I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord”—and You forgave the guilt of my sin.

As we prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday, let us think about why it was necessary for Him to be slain. We know that He has victory over death and the sole power to forgive sins because of His death and resurrection. Because of His sovereignty and mercy, He has both the power and the will to forgive sinful mankind. But what can others do that don’t know of His saving power? Will it be enough on the Day of Judgment for them to call on the mercy of Buddha or the power of Shiva? Is it right for us to enjoy His forgiveness while others look for truth and righteousness in the wrong places?

Pray for the unreached nations to know that only Christ has power to forgive sins. Thank the Lord for the work of Christ’s ambassadors like Flor, who are calling people to repent before the Risen Savior.

Biography: Flor, Kurdish Missionary

by KC

Ask yourself if you are qualified to do any of the following in your city: taking people to the doctor, providing phone counseling, teaching German, translating documents, teaching hand crafts, or swimming. If so, you can do some of the same things as Flor, a Kurdish Muslim-background believer in Berlin.

For over 16 years, Flor has used the humble skills God has given her to help Kurdish migrants who are struggling in their new homeland. In doing so, Flor has demonstrated the love of Christ to people who are often not wanted or appreciated. By building on love and trust, Muslim Kurds have joined Flor in attending a monthly fellowship meeting and a weekly prayer meeting. Each month Flor has a ladies breakfast meeting where she shares the Word of God.

Some of Flor’s Muslim friends will pray in the Name of Jesus with her, and attend all the meetings. One has secretly been baptized. But most of them are afraid to openly confess Jesus to their families.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for Kurdish women to have the boldness to speak out for Christ to their Muslim families. Pray for more workers who will lovingly serve with the skills God has given them. Pray for the small group of Kurdish believers to grow in numbers and in the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

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