Daily Topic for August 08, 2017

John 17:18, RSV
As Thou didst send me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.

Jesus was about 30 years old when he was baptized in water and filled with God’s Spirit and started his ministry. (Luke 3:21-23) So if you went to Jesus’ carpenter shop when he was age 28 asking him to raise someone from the dead or heal you, it was not his time yet to do that. But now we, just like Jesus when he was baptized with the Holy Spirit, are ready to face the devil and everything he can throw at us as we are sent into the harvest.

Pray that the Lord of the harvest will fill the Bhat people with the same Holy Spirit as they encounter the living Christ.

Bhat People

by CL

Like the Bhand people, the Bhat were traditionally court performers. But instead of giving dramatic performances like the Bhand, the Bhat recited poetry, often in a very high, sing-song voice. Today, they continue the practice of phakras which are poetic speech used to praise others.
Despite being a very creative people group, the Bhat have tended to adopt the religion of those they have served. For some that means following Islam. For others, it involves following Hinduism. Ancestor worship and the occult also continue to be practiced among the Bhat.
The Bible is available in their heart language of Urdu. The audio version can be accessed online, and the JESUS Film is also available in Urdu. Yet very few of the Bhat have encountered God, his word, or heard about the salvation available through his only son, Jesus Christ.

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Pray for the Lord to call mission groups to work specifically to reach the Bhat people group. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the Bhat people to receive the message of the gospel. Pray for many to respond in faith to God’s invitation to forgiveness and salvation. Ask God to establish His church among the Bhat and use believers to reach members of other people groups. Pray for God’s Kingdom to come to the Bhat people, and his will to be done among them.

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