Daily Topic for August 24, 2017

Matt 5:9, NET
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.

Pray for many from the Bandukkhar people to become peacemakers in the war-torn land of Jammu and Kashmir.

Bandukkhar People of Kashmir

by CR

What do you think happens when a Muslim community manufactures guns in a land where there are active anti-government militias? Not surprisingly, the Indian authorities have severely restricted gun manufacturing in Kashmir due to opposition to Indian rule in this state that is marked by international Muslim-Hindu conflict.
A 2014 Al Jazeera article highlights Kashmir’s struggling gun makers, the 700 Bandukkhar people. In years past their factories have mainly been located in a part of the city of Srinagar named after these gunsmiths. They made gun barrels.
The primary language of the Bandukkhar is Kashmiri. The Bible translations, The JESUS Film, gospel recordings, and radio broadcasts are all available in this language. However, the unreached Bandukkhar people have no known Christian witness among them. They are a people without the Prince of Peace, in a land of violence and instability.

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Ask God for praying fellowships in India and elsewhere to intercede for the Bandukkhar community. Pray for anointed witnesses to go to the Bandukkhar, perhaps through work or business connections. Ask that the Bandukkhar people be drawn to Christ-centered resources available in the Kashmiri language. Pray that the Holy Spirit raises up disciples to spark a disciple-making movement among northern India’s Bandukkhar people.

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