Daily Topic for March 05, 2017

Genesis 6:8, NKJV
But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Pray that the Bagalal people, who know about Noah from the Qur’an, will seek and find God’s grace in their lives and their communities. Pray for the Lord to raise up many who will be willing, like Noah, to stand up for God, even if no one else does.

Bagulal People

How would you like to live in a place where winter weather lasts from September through April? Peoples like the Bagulal live like this in the high mountains of Dagestan. One ridge above the Bagulal village of Kvanada sits at 8500 feet and another village sits near an 11,000 foot peak.
For the cattle and sheep to survive the winter, it’s crucial to accomplish massive hay gathering from the nearby hillsides before the snowfall begins. Other items of the harvest are stored and pickled for the winter, and the residents hope that 4-wheel drive vehicles can successfully make it in and out of the region several times during the winter season to resupply the area.
Numbering at least 6000 people, the Bagulal speak their own distinct language and live in six major villages. The Bagulal are a rugged, fierce people who have experienced virtually no spiritual grace and knowledge about Christ. Sunni Islam makes their spiritual atmosphere grim with its works-righteousness, and a distant, stern Allah. The Bagulal would be greatly warmed by the love of God.

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Pray for carriers of the message of Jesus’ grace to become true friends of the Bagulal, studying and respecting (and helping preserve) their amazing, complex language. Pray that the believers will tell them about God’s love. Pray that the joy of the Holy Spirit will open up the hearts of the few Bagulal who live in urban areas of Dagestan.

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